Dixie Mae

​           Havanese​​​

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...Second born was the largest boy at 7 ounces. He also has a beautiful chocolate coat and either has caramel markings or possibly is a dark sable. Time will tell.

...Forgot about little puppies."

Two of our very sleepy puppies...

We had a beautiful litter of 4 on October 26th. 

Our next litter is planned for December/January 

with Isabella and Kona

The puppies pictured below are all spoken for..

See where the puppies are born and raised here Puppy Room

Havanese puppies for sale chocolate breeder puppies for sale 

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The third puppy born and the princess of the group is the only female. She was 6 ounces. 

She has a beautiful chocolate coat with small white markings....

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness...

...And last but not least was our 4th boy born also weighing 6 ounces. 

He has a dark chocolate coat with either caramel points or may possibly be a sable as well

The first born was the smallest boy at 5 ounces. He is a handsome boy with a dark chocolate coat a little white spot on his chest.