Dixie Mae

​           Havanese​​​

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If you are planning on purchasing a puppy from us, you are absolutely welcomed to our home to see your puppy. However, please review the following rules and guidelines:

We used to have an open door policy and were proud to show people the living conditions of our puppies and let them see how they are raised. Unfortunately, due to many negative experiences with families being careless with our puppies we were left with no choice but to draw the line somewhere. 

We will not allow any visitors until the puppies are 4 weeks of age. The puppies do not play and interact up to this point anyway. There is no reason to stress out the new mom by having strangers around her puppies. 

Visitors will only be allowed if they have placed a deposit or are seriously inquiring about placing a deposit. 

We will only bring the puppy you are coming to see upstairs. We used to bring the entire litter upstairs and unfortunately, people cannot seem to handle it. Puppies were getting stepped on, tripped over etc. Other families may have already placed deposits on other puppies. I would hate to have to make a phone call to another family telling them their puppy was injured. 

I would love to make a no children under 10 rule, but I do understand that if you are purchasing a puppy you may want to see how it interacts with your child. Only children that will be living in the same household as the puppy will be allowed to accompany the visits. This child needs to be watched closely by the parents. The child is not allowed to pick the puppy up. You may sit the child on his/her bottom and place a puppy in their lap. We have had countless children pick puppies up by their arms, drop them, step on their paws etc. Our experience with children visiting has not been very positive. I DO NOT want to have to correct someone else's child. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Visitors that come into our home must NOT visit any other breeders/rescues/shelters that day. Our puppies are not vaccinated until they are 7 weeks old. This means they are susceptible to many deadly diseases. Parvo is a disease that has been known to kill a whole litter. It can be transferred on clothes, shoes and even car tires. Many breeders have had the unfortunate scenario where visitors have transferred this disease into their home. We have been extremely lucky and this has never happened to us. 

Puppies are CLUMSY you may be holding a puppy while standing and they will try to jump out of your hands. They do not realize how high up they are! This has happened twice to our puppies with visitors. Both times the visitors laughed and said "oh he just jumped!" That is not OK! 

Please understand and respect the above rules. It has been very frustrating to have our puppies mishandled and this is the best way we feel we can protect the safety of our puppies (and yours!)